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Bags, clutches and accessories crafted by Giovanna Giuliani are composed of scraps of the very same high quality leather used nowadays to manufact renowned Barcelona chair designed by Mies van der Rohe: its extreme freshness and softness is also recognisable form its distinctive smell. Project originates as an opposition to modern standardisation in order to revive old tailors’ workshops spirit where each product was unique and special. Customers can commission their own bespoke bag taking inspiration from her previous output. Tailoring is an important feature of work done the traditional way, which nurtures, as well as quality, the charm of wearing an accessory entirely produced from offcuts transformed into art. All creations are unique and each one is inscribed with its own NUMBER hand engraved on the front of the bag, so as to emphasise discreetly their peculiarity. The number has in fact spontaneously become some sort of visual recognition, substituting de facto the idea of brand. In addition to number, key feature of all work is the way bags colour’s and shape’s matching is capitalised on to its utmost limit: a style strongly inspired to architecture and graphic arts. Bags are designed as true objects of wearable design, each conveying its own personality to whoever has them on. Website: contact:

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